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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

breast cancer?

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 imaging center left voice mail: Call us right away. No other message. My computer's dying. Only phone is MagicJack, on PC: terrible connection. I must speak very calmly and slowly: why did you call me?  DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER? Who are you? what's your birthday....blah blah DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER?. please hold. What what what what did you say DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER? what.....seventh time, I say DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER? Please hold. what what what DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER? who are you? what's your date of birth what what  DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER?what please hold DO I HAVE BREAST CANCER? I have a copy of your mamogram results. You're fine; it came back negative. We only called to update your mailing adddress. That's it? You couldn't have left that in the message? You scared the SHIT out of me! FUCK YOU! And I hung up. fuck em if they can't find my mailing address. bend over and MAIL THIS!