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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

spectacular specula

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Spectacular Specula
I've had a speculum since I was 17.
I'd run away from a VERY psychotic mother and was living in Venice
Beach, Ca, during the seventies.
There, I met quite a few of those "seventies feminists." They saved my
life. They taught me to take care of myself: balance a check book,
change my own tires & oil, get an education, etc. They taught me not to
be a "typical female:" a victim of circumstances, dependent on men who
might exploit me.
Most young, blonde, pretty women who run away from home and end up in
Los Angeles end up: dead, addicted or pimped. Usually, all three.
We learned self-examinations together. The Boston Women's Health
Collective had just published the book, _Our Bodies, Ourselves_ . I
still own my first-edition copy.
Most women have no idea how their bodies work, or even what they look
like. And many think they're ugly.
I've been very fortunate.