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Monday, March 22, 2004

March for Women's Lives

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Hello March Supporters,
Thank you for joining the March for Women's Lives. Together we will make
this March the largest in history. Imagine marching with thousands of
women, men and children as far as the eye can see- the sound of all those
marching feet- thanks to everyone's grassroots organizing work! � �
This March is historic on many levels. This is the first time that the
Civil Rights Community has joined the Women's Movement to march for all of
our reproductive rights. In the future you are going to want to say that
you were a part of the March For Women's Lives, like people remember being
a part of the Civil Rights marches and the Peace marches. Don't allow your
friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives let the mundane activities of
their lives weigh them down and prevent them from joining!
Over 1000 organizations are Co-Sponsors for the March! �The American Civil
Liberties Union has become a major Organizer, along with Black Women's
Health Imperative, Feminist Majority, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National
Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, National Organization for Women
(NOW), and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The NAACP and the
Sierra Club are new Co-Sponsoring organizations.
This is history in the making. Everyone who can be - MUST be here!
Individuals are welcome to March independently, but it's more enjoyable to
march with a group. All you need is 20 friends, family members, neighbors,
and/or co-workers to agree to attend and march together, and you are a
Delegation! �Think of all the groups you belong to. Recruit friends from
your alumni club, health club, reading group, or Meet Up group to form an
Informal Delegation. Each of your friends will know friends who will want
to be part of your Delegation.
Friends from all over the country can be a part of your group - one
delegation organizer is bringing together her friends from college to join
her for the March-making the March a reunion.

Register your group as a 'Delegation'. �Visit the here
homepage, click onto 'Form a Delegation' and fill in the form. You can also
telephone 202/349-3838 or fax 202/349-3839 the March office with your
contact information, delegation size, and travel plans. Let us know how you
choose to march-along with other delegations from your state, along with a
participating major organization, as part of a contingent, or some other
way. For example, a delegation can march with their state, or with a major
organization (like ACLU) and also send one member to represent their
delegation in one of the contingents that are developing: Women of Color,
Healthcare/Medical, LGBT, Domestic Violence, Peace, International, etc. The
member sent to join a contingent can carry a sign with the name of the
delegation they represent. �
Once registered, you will receive periodic Delegation email updates. Please
keep the March Office updated on your progress by updating your online
form-- it's exciting to see the numbers increasing!
Have a good time! �While you are organizing and fundraising for the trip
think up ways to make the trip memorable and enjoyable. Have a poster
making, T-shirt signing party. Check out
here PDF for fundraising ideas.
Consider attending area Meet-Ups to find others interested in the March.
You can invite Meetup
participants into your delegation. For more information, please visit
Available to all registered March website users, the Bulletin Board is an
excellent organizing tool and allows you to communicate with other Marchers
about many different topics including: co-sponsoring, forming a delegation,
transportation ideas, and organizing methods. Check it out and contribute
to our ongoing discussions as April 25th gets closer and closer! See the
link on the website Home page.
If you're coming in from out of town, remember to check the March for
Women's Lives Travel Guide. The Travel Guide contains important information
about getting to DC, directions to car and bus parking, pre-ordering your
delegation's Metro farecards, and links to area hotels. �You can download
and print out a coupon for discounted travel to and from the airports.
All this is just a click away at here.
If you're coming by bus, please remember to register it. Update your
delegation's bus information at here by clicking
"Form A Delegation." �Scroll down to find the question about transportation.
If, for any reason, you cannot walk the March route or stand for the Rally,
we have open trolleys to ride in for the March and seating for the Rally,
available by reservation. The trolley reservation deadline is 3/26. Please
contact the March office as soon as possible with the names of those
needing reservations [ or call202/349-3836]. �
� � �
T-shirts and button ordering information is now available at the website.
Link from the website home page. �

Be on time-the program starts at 10am. We are using the National Mall from
14th St. to 3rd St.. Once you reach the Mall, locate one of the many March
volunteers (will be clearly identifiable) surrounding the perimeter of the
Mall. Tell the volunteer the name of your delegation. The volunteer will
look at a chart and tell you where to join your delegation. The Morning
stage (14th St.end) program starts at 10am. The March steps off at 12 noon
from the 14th Street end. The afternoon stage (3rd St end) program runs
from 1 to ~4p.m. There will be speakers, entertainment, and celebrities at
both stages.

We need thousands of volunteers for the day of the March (bus greeters,
Mall perimeter volunteers to direct arriving delegations, march-route
marshals, volunteer tent, lost and found, medical/EMT, after Rally cleanup,
Contact Volunteer Coordinator Linda Lawson at: if
you can help.

We're making History! �As we are demonstrating, we are also celebrating our
power in numbers too large to ignore. The anti-choice minority seeks to
overturn Roe v. Wade. The day after Roe v. Wade is overturned, we don't
want to wish we had done more today. The fate of reproductive rights is in
your hands. Women across the world call on us to march for reproductive
On April 25th we will show the world that we ARE the majority!
March for Women's Lives
National Office.
(202) 349-3838